Pros and Cons of Residential Propane

Michigan Propane Pros & Cons

Did you know that as many as 48 million American households already use propane in some capacity? More and more Americans have already discovered the benefits of residential propane.

Keep reading to learn how propane gas can heat homes, keep household appliances running, and fire up barbeques. A residential propane supplier will also be able to tell you all you need to know about residential propane.

Energy Independence

If you live in a rural area where power outages are common, you may want to consider the advantages of residential propane fuel. With residential propane, you have your own tank of fuel that you use to power your home. This means that you aren’t dependent on energy companies to keep the electricity running to your home. Not only do residential propane tanks decrease your dependence on local energy companies, but they also reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other fuel sources, propane gas doesn’t contaminate local soil and water. When there is a leak, the propane that escapes from the pressurized tank turns into a harmless gas. In fact, propane was classified as a “clean” fuel under the 1990 Clean Air Act. Using propane to power your home is good for the planet because it releases less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than other residential fuel options.


Propane is an affordable energy source because it is produced domestically. Did you know that up to 90% of all propane is produced within the United States? The remaining 10% of propane is still produced in North America. Since propane has less distance to travel to get to your home, the price is affordable for homeowners. Propane is readily available throughout the United States, which means you also don’t have to worry about propane fuel shortages.

Energy Efficient

When you use propane to power household appliances, you may notice a decrease in your energy bills. This is because propane burners can burn up to 98% energy efficiency, which means only 2% of total energy is lost. However, you’ll need to make sure that your propane gas furnace receives regular maintenance so it can continue to be energy efficient.


Storing propane tank sizes for grills is less of a big deal than underground propane tank installation. You’ll need to consider how you’ll want to use propane in your life. Are you just interested in firing up the barbeque during the summer? Are you interested in residential propane for furnaces and boilers? These types of questions can help you determine what residential propane tank sizes are suitable for your purposes. A propane tank supply company can also help you determine the most appropriate setup.

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