Local Community Action

Don’t be Left in the cold!

EightCAP, Inc. (your local Community Action Agency) wants to partner with you to address your emergency heating need, but you must act before August 31, 2017.

If you use propane, fuel oil, wood, corn, or pellets to heat your home and your tank or supply is currently below 25%, your household may be eligible for heating assistance. If you are eligible, we could also assist you in paying off any back balance for your heating source.

The following chart will help you determine if you are income eligible for assistance:

Family Size *Adusted Gross Monthly
Income Cannot Exceed:
Family Size *Adusted Gross Monthly
Income Cannot Exceed:
1 $1,485 5 $3,555
2 $2,003 6 $4,073
3 $2,520 7 $4,591
4 $3,038 8 $5,111

*Each additional member Add $520

*Adjusted Gross Monthly Income is calculated after payroll taxes, child support payments, child care expenses, health insurance premiums, or expenses required by your employer are deducted from your gross pay. Certain health insurance premiums, child support paid, and child care expenses not deducted from your gross pay, will require current documentation showing your payment.

If you are interested in seeking assistance and reside in Gratiot, Ionia, Isabella, or Montcalm County, visit EightCAP’s website at www.8cap.org for an Emergency Assistance Application, or you may pick one up at your local EightCAP Offices below.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance filling out the application, feel free to call the Community Services Office closest to your home.

Montcalm County

906 Oak Drive, Greenville
(616) 754-9315, ext. 3342

Ionia County

5827 Orleans Road, Orleans
(616) 208-1580, ext. 1315

Isabella County

310 W. Michigan, Mt. Pleasant
(989) 772-0110, ext. 1100

Gratiot County

525 N. State Street, Suite 2, Alma
(989) 463-5693, ext. 1100

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