How to Safely Transport a Propane Tank

How to Safely Transport a Propane Tank Alto Michigan

When transporting propane tanks from one location to another, it’s important you follow our safety tips. If the tank overheats, propane gas could expand enough to cause an explosion. By following our tips, you’ll be able to avoid the risk of serious injury and damage to your vehicle. Continue reading to learn how to safely transport a propane tank in your car. For more information on how to safely move residential propane, call one of our local propane dealers.

Keep the Tank Upright

The last thing you want is for the propane tank to be rolling around in your trunk while you drive. For your safety, the propane tank needs to be kept upright at all times. We recommend putting the tank in a wooden crate or cardboard box to keep it vertical.

The safety release valve at the top of the tank is responsible for releasing pressure. However, this safety feature can’t work properly if the tank is rolling around in your trunk or upside down. All propane cylinders and tanks are required by law to have safety release valves. That way, if excess pressure builds up, the tank won’t rupture. If the relief valve opens to release excess pressure, you’ll hear a hissing sound.

Keep the Tank Cool

Propane gas expands when heated, which increases the risk of the tank exploding. If you have a list of errands you need to run, pick up your new tank of residential propane last. That way, you’ll be able to go directly home from one of our propane dealers. The less time the propane tank spends in your car, the lower the risk for explosion. If you absolutely need to park, choose a spot in the shade and don’t dawdle.

Make Sure Your Trunk is Big Enough

Is your trunk big enough to fit a propane cylinder or tank? The last thing you want is to damage the propane tank by slamming your trunk on the safety release valve. If you aren’t sure whether your trunk is big enough, close the trunk slowly. That way, you won’t risk damaging your new propane tank before you even get it home.

While most small propane tanks will fit in your trunk, most propane companies offer delivery options. A propane supplier can deliver a large propane tank to your home if it doesn’t fit in your car.

Remove Sharp Objects from Trunk

Before placing a propane tank in your trunk, make sure there aren’t any sharp objects that could puncture the side. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to store tools in their car trunks. If you fall in this category, make sure you remove anything from the trunk that could damage your new propane tank during transport.

Our Michigan propane dealers offer a range of services to keep your home powered by propane gas year-round. To schedule propane delivery or browse our propane tanks for sale, call Altogas in Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, or Zeeland.

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