Can I Paint My Propane Tank?

Can I Paint My Propane Tank? Alto MI

Does the paint on your propane gas tank look faded? If you own your propane tank, you’ll be responsible for slapping on a new coat of paint. Otherwise, you’ll need to ask your propane supplier who owns your tank. The owner will be responsible for touching up the paint on your propane tank.

Similar to how paint protects a car from rust, paint will protect your propane gas tank from the elements so it’ll last for years to come. It is important to make sure that your propane tank is in good condition. If you have any additional questions about painting your propane tank, we are happy help, contact us today!

Painting Your Propane Tank

Choose a Light Paint Color

While paint helps prevent corrosion, you can’t just use any color. Since propane absorbs heat, you’ll want to choose a light paint color to reflect the sun’s rays. We recommend choosing white, silver, or light gray.

Similar to how a dark t-shirt absorbs heat, so does dark paint on a propane tank. As propane gas absorbs heat, the pressure inside the tank increases. Propane gas will expand until it has nowhere else to go, forcing the safety valve to open. The safety valve is designed to allow gas to escape when the pressure builds to a dangerous level.

Choose Paint for Metal Surfaces

You’ll need to choose paint created specifically for metal surfaces (like your propane tank). These types of paints resist rust so you can enjoy your propane gas tank for as long as possible. Please refer to the standards set by the National Fire Protection Association for painting propane tanks.

Remove Rust

You can’t start painting until you remove any rust from your propane gas tank. Not only does rust ruin the structural integrity of your propane tank over time, but it absorbs heat from the sun. Since rust is dark red, it’s able to absorb heat more easily than white paint.

If your propane supplier owns your tank, they’ll remove the rust before they paint. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for maintaining your propane gas tank. If the rust is just on the surface, you should be able to remove it with sandpaper or a wire brush. If the rust is severe, you’ll need to consider propane tank replacement. Over time, rust weakens the walls of your propane tank until it’s thin enough to create holes and cause leaks.

Ask Before Hiding Your Propane Tank

While it may be tempting to put a privacy fence or landscaping around your above-ground propane tank, you’ll want to first run your plans by your propane supplier. Certain features may make it more difficult for propane dealers to service your tank or even compromise safety.

Remember Winter Safety

We recommend tying a brightly colored flag to the top of your propane gas tank. That way, a representative from your propane supplier will be able to easily find your white tank after heavy snowfall. We also recommend shoveling a path to your propane tank for easy access.

To schedule your next propane refill with Altogas, call any of our propane dealers in Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, and Zeeland. We’d be more than happy to assist you with your residential propane needs.

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