Budget Payment Plan

Stay protected with a special cap price of $1.899/gallon (plus sales tax and compliance fees, if applicable) and enjoy the added convenience of 10 equal, fixed monthly payments that are due on the 20th of each month.

Make ten equal monthly payments beginning on 8/20/18 and ending with your last payment on 5/20/19.

  • I If two consecutive budget payments are delinquent, a $29.99 reinstatement fee will be assessed to your account for every month you are behind.
  • Budgets will be recalculated in January 2019 and could be increased or decreased depending on propane usage.
  • Please note: if you successfully completed the 2017-18 Budget Program, you will automatically be enrolled in the 2018-19 Budget Program, unless you request otherwise. Program requires a minimum tank size of 330 gallons.

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By checking the Terms of Agreement box for the Price Protection Agreement, I hereby understand that I am entering into a contract with Altogas and agreeing to purchase propane under the pricing plan and delivery terms that I have selected above, beginning at the date of sign up through April 30th, 2019. Excess pre-purchase payments will remain as a credit on my account to be used toward subsequent propane purchases at current market rates. I agree that if my account is not paid in full within sixty days from the date of propane delivery, or I miss two consecutive budget payments, a $29.99 reinstatement fee will be assessed on my account as well as for every additional month you are behind. Regulatory compliance charges, local, state or any other government imposed fees or taxes are not included in the above contract prices. All propane orders placed after the contract end dates will be priced at current market rate. No refunds of dollars will be given until after April 30, 2019. A contract Termination Fee of $175 will be charged to cancel the terms of this contract at any time during the contract period.