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3 Benefits of Using Propane Gas

Propane is used for a variety of purposes. Whether you need residential propane to fuel indoor appliances such as ovens or clothes dryers, or you are looking to fire up your grill for the summer, propane is a popular choice among Americans. If you ever need help determining the most appropriate fuel for your household or business, we recommend contacting a local propane supplier to answer any questions you might have. Read More →

Differences between propane and electricity

Electricity is responsible for charging our cell phones, keeping the lights on, running household appliances, powering the stoplights at intersections, and more. As a society, we are dependent on reliable sources of electricity to power our lives. Read More →

Differences between propane and natural gas

Even though approximately half of American homes are heated with natural gas, there is still much confusion on the topic of what makes natural gas different from propane. Read More →

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