Benefits of a Propane Furnace

Benefits of a Propane Furnace Alto MI

A propane furnace not only keeps your home comfortable in cold weather, but helps you save money in the long run. Our experienced staff can help you make the decision to switch to a propane furnace for your home. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us today.

As a propane supplier, we understand that you need all the facts before choosing a heating system for your home. We can help! Be sure to let us know if you have any additional concerns about installing a propane furnace. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of installing a propane furnace.

Why Use a Propane Furnace?

Fast Response

It’s important you choose an efficient heating system for your home. Otherwise, you may be spending more money in the long run trying to keep your home warm from October to April. If you’re interested in saving money every month, we recommend making the switch to a propane furnace.

A propane furnace is able to heat air up to 115 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. While you may only have your thermostat set to 72 degrees, your furnace will need to kick out a higher temperature to keep your home comfortable. Air starts to lose heat as soon as it leaves your furnace, which is why you’ll want a propane furnace that’s able to quickly deliver your ideal temperature.


Did you know that half of the energy you use for your home is for heating and cooling? A propane furnace is able to heat your home quickly, using less fuel and energy compared to other systems. Depending on what you buy, a propane furnace may have an efficiency rating anywhere between 90% and 98%. A 98% efficiency rating means your furnace would only lose about 2% of the energy it uses to heat your home.

We recommend staying away from air-source heat pumps. While air-source heat pumps are great during mild weather, they often aren’t able to produce air higher than 100 degrees when it’s cold outside. Making the switch to propane gas and choosing a reliable propane supplier can help you save money in the long run.

Great for Rural Communities

Many rural communities depend on propane gas for heating because they’re out of reach of natural gas lines. Many homeowners appreciate that the price of propane gas stays relatively stable. Since 90% of propane sold in the United States is produced domestically, the supply and demand of this fuel is much more predictable than it would be on the global market.

You’ll want to monitor the level of fuel left in your propane gas tank so you can schedule deliveries as needed. We recommend not letting your propane get below a quarter of a tank so you’ll always have enough fuel to heat your home.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Reduce your family’s carbon footprint by installing a propane furnace. The 1990 Clean Air Act listed propane as a clean fuel because it doesn’t contribute as much greenhouse gases as other fossil fuels. Since 90% of propane gassold in the United States is produced domestically, it doesn’t have to travel as far to reach your home. Buying propane produced in the United States helps reduce your carbon footprint.

To schedule your next propane refill with Altogas, call any of our propane dealers in Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, and Zeeland. We look forward to hearing from you!

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