Are Propane Tanks Safe in Cold Weather?

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Your propane tanks are safe to use in cold weather. However, you’ll need to make sure you take proper care of your propane tanks so you can continue to use them this winter. If you have any questions or concerns regarding using your propane tanks during the winter, please contac us today for more information.

As a Michigan propane supplier, we understand that homeowners and businesses have concerns about safety. For this reason, we created this blog post to help you better understand how propane is safe to use during winter. Continue reading to learn more about safely using your propane during cold weather months.

Do propane tanks work in cold weather?

Yes! Propane tanks work in cold weather. However, you may notice that it’s more difficult to use small propane tanks as the temperature drops. We recommend using a broom to gently clear off any snow that piles on top of your propane tanks. That way, the sun will have a chance to warm your propane tanks during the day. Do NOT use a shovel, as you could accidentally puncture the side of your propane gas tank.

The colder it is outside, the lower the pressure will be in your propane gas tank. This is why it’s so important to schedule propane refills as needed to keep your tank full over winter. Regular propane tank refills will help keep the pressure from dropping too low. Do you have enough propane? Schedule your next propane delivery with our propane dealers today.

In general, your tank should continue to work this winter as long as you schedule propane refills as needed and the temperature stays above -44 degrees Fahrenheit. Since we don’t live in the sub zero environment of antarctica and our propane dealers have locations throughout the state, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Can you leave a propane tank outside in the winter?

Yes! In fact, you should never store your propane gas tanks inside your house. While some people believe storing their propane tanks in a detached shed or garage is safe, this couldn’t be more false. Even small propane tanks can cause huge explosions when a leak goes undetected and builds up in an enclosed space. Check out our blog post on this topic to learn how to safely store propane tanks for winter.

Can it be too cold to use a propane grill?

You can absolutely grill outside in the winter as long as you do it safely. For example, you should never use your grill inside your garage or under a carport. While we understand wanting protection from the elements, your propane grill should always be at least 10 feet away from your home and anything else that could catch fire. For more information, see our safety tips for using your propane grill.

If your propane gas tank is frozen, you’ll need to wait until it thaws before you can throw a steak on the grill. Typically, a propane tank may freeze in high humidity or if the regulator is feeding the propane too quickly. NEVER use an electrical device or open flame to “heat” a propane tankas this could ignite the propane gas and lead to an explosion or fire.

Our propane dealers in Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, and Zeeland are proud to help homeowners and businesses meet their energy needs with propane gas. To learn more, be sure to also check out our blog post on winter tips for propane tank safety. To schedule your next propane tank refill, call Altogas today.

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