Aboveground vs. Underground Propane Tanks

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Since aboveground and underground propane tanks serve the same purpose, it ultimately comes down to a matter of preference. While some homeowners don’t mind having a propane tank aboveground, others would prefer not to look at what they consider to be an eyesore.

In this blog post, we will go over what factors go into picking an aboveground or underground propane tank. A residential propane tank supplier will also be able to answer all your questions so you can pick the right tank for your household’s energy needs.


Portable propane tank sizes were designed to be easily swapped out by a propane supply company when you run out of fuel. For this reason, you’ll need to consult with a propane tank size chart and an experienced propane gas supplier to determine what size is best for your energy needs. Propane tank sizes for grills will greatly vary from residential propane tank sizes used to power homes. The size and design of the tank determines its portability and whether or not you’ll be able to install it underground.


Underground propane tank installation is more expensive because it requires your yard be excavated. However, many homeowners prefer the temporary inconvenience of excavation than having to look at a large tank taking up space in their yard. However, if you don’t want to deal with the extra cost of having your yard excavated, you may want to consider an aboveground propane tank. Aboveground tanks don’t require excavation and are easy to set up.


Both aboveground and underground propane tanks are safe ways to power homes. In the event of a leak, the propane fuel that escapes the pressurized tank immediately turns into a gas. This gas is not a threat to the environment and won’t contaminate soil and water. In fact, underground propane tanks are considered to be safer than their aboveground counterparts because the leak is contained underground.


If you decide to power household appliances with propane, you will most likely need a tank that contains between 500 and 1,000 gallons of propane. These large propane tanks make good candidates for underground installation because they aren’t portable and might be considered an eyesore.

Backyard Aesthetic

Benefits of underground propane tanks include not having an eyesore parked out on your lawn year-round. Even with the best landscaping skills, it’s not always possible to conceal a residential propane tank behind a row of bushes or alongside your house. While buried propane tanks are hidden from view, you also aren’t able to put anything overtop on the surface. For example, you won’t be able to install a driveway or swimming pool over an underground propane tank. Even a trampoline would be too much.

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