5 Reasons to Buy Propane Gas This Spring

5 Reasons to Buy Propane Gas This Spring

Are you ready for spring? When the snow melts, you’ll want to call your local propane dealer to schedule your next refill. Propane companies like Altogas offer a range of propane tank sizes so you can do everything from heating your home to firing up the barbeque. Continue reading to learn how you could use propane gas this spring to make your life easier.

1. Power Your Propane Furnace

The one thing you can always count on is that Michigan weather is unpredictable. If you use a propane furnace to heat your home, you’ll always want to make sure you have enough fuel left in the tank. If a freak blizzard happens in the middle of April, your propane delivery may be delayed due to weather and road conditions. Be sure to schedule a propane refill if you notice levels dropping below a quarter of a tank.

2. Run Your Lawnmower

Once the weather warms up, you’ll need to trade your snow blower for a lawnmower. To get your lawnmower ready, we recommend buying the right size propane gas tank. More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of using propane-powered lawnmowers.

The cost of propane is considerably more stable than gasoline and other fuels because it is produced domestically. In fact, according to the National Propane Gas Association, approximately 90% of propane sold in the United States was produced domestically. The remaining 10% of propane is still produced in North America.

3. Fire up the Grill

Who says you have to wait until summer to start grilling? If you love to grill, you’ll want to pick up a propane tank as soon as possible so you can get the most out of the warm weather ahead. Many of our customers swear by propane because they want to avoid burgers that taste like lighter fluid. Propane grills also put out constant even heat, which can’t be said of their charcoal counterparts.

4. Power Your Portable Heater

A portable propane heater can help you enjoy your deck or patio until the weather warms up. Even in the summer, you and your family will appreciate a propane heater once the sun and temperature drops. If you haven’t already, you’ll want to buy small propane tanks so you can get the most use out of your backyard.

5. Have Peace of Mind With a Propane Generator

A propane generator provides heat and electricity to your home during a power outage. To install a home generator, you’ll need a large propane tank. An underground propane tank protects your fuel from the elements during an emergency so you and your family are never without power. It’s not unheard of for Michigan to get blizzards and ice storms in the spring, which is why it’s a good idea to ask your local propane supplier about how to get your own generator.

Altogas is a Michigan propane supplier dedicated to helping homeowners heat their homes and power their lives with propane gas. To learn more about our propane service or schedule your next propane tank refill, call any of our propane dealers in Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, and Zeeland.

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