3 Reasons to Take Propane on Your Camping Trip

3 Reasons to Take Propane on Your Camping Trip Alto Michigan

Planning a summer camping trip? Make sure you take your portable propane tank with you so you can make the most out of the experience. Our propane dealers provide a range of tank sizes to help you fuel your next outdoor adventure. Continue reading to learn the 5 reasons you should plan on taking your propane tank to your camp site.

Camp Stove or Grill

While hot dogs and s’mores are staples for any camping trip, you may get tired of them after the third day. If you’re planning a long camping trip, we recommend taking a portable propane grill or stove. We provide the right propane tank sizes you need to cook your favorite meals in the great outdoors.

Our propane dealers are conveniently located throughout Michigan so you can get propane refills as needed. Our goal has always been to figure out ways to best serve our customers.

Portable Generator

A propane generator provides power, even in the most remote forests. If you can’t bear the thought of no electricity, take a portable propane generator on your next camping trip. One of the benefits of a propane generator is that they’re quiet. This means that you’ll still be able to enjoy the sounds of nature (frogs, crickets, water lapping on the shores of Lake Michigan, etc.) without the annoying hum of a generator. A small propane generator also won’t be loud enough to wake up your kids.

Ideas for your portable propane generator:

  • Reduce mosquito bites with an electric bug zapper
  • Cool off and deter mosquitoes with a fan
  • Charge your cell phone for emergencies
  • Decorate your camp site with festive outdoor lights

Recreational Vehicle

Don’t like sleeping on the hard ground? Many people enjoy RVing in the summer so they can experience the great outdoors, yet sleep in a comfortable bed once the sun sets. If you fall into this category of campers, we recommend taking along your propane tank.

While most RV campers choose to stay in areas where they can hook up to electricity, having a propane tank gives you the freedom to camp wherever you want. Interested in camping off the grid this summer? Schedule a propane refill or take advantage of our propane exchange program before you take time off from work. We also provide all sizes of propane tanks for sale.

How do I safely transport my propane tank?

When moving propane tanks from one location to another, it’s important you keep the tank upright and cool. If the tank overheats, propane gas could expand enough to cause an explosion. Before your camping trip, make sure you remove sharp objects from your car trunk that could puncture the side of your propane tank. You’ll also want to make sure your trunk is big enough to fit the tank. Following these tips will help you avoid the risk of serious injury and damage to your vehicle.

Our Michigan propane dealers are proud to serve Alto, Benton Harbor, Charlotte, Edmore, and Zeeland. To learn more about our propane services, call Altogas at any of our five locations.

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