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One of Michigan’s Largest Locally Owned Propane Companies

With compassion, integrity and quality service, we at Altogas pledge to do our very best to provide you with affordable, efficient and clean burning propane for all of your residential, commercial and agricultural needs within Alto, Charlotte, Edmore, and surrounding communities. We also pledge to do whatever we can to support an eco-friendly environment through the process of reusing and recycling materials in a responsible way.

The desirable guest that never overstays its welcome, Altogas Propane, gives you the kind of energy you need to enjoy your life too. When you’re exhausted, Altogas is there to support you both inside and outside your home. With energy efficient propane for indoor appliances like stovetops, ovens and clothes dryers as well as outdoor appliances like heat lamps, grills, pools and spas, you too can relax knowing that propane energy from Altogas is always awake and working for you.

We also have an extensive list of commercial and agricultural customers providing them with propane power for automotive vehicles such as forklifts, crop dryers, cars and trucks to temporary construction site heating and much, much more. For a complete propane services, call or e-mail one of our four locations for all of your diverse propane needs.

propane mower incentive program Energy assistance is available to low-income households. Simply click here for more information